Best Nail Salons Near Me Open Now: Things to Consider Before You Go

The following content provides you the top nail salons near me service that can preferably use for Pedicure, Spa, Manicure, in the USA.

Secrets To Maintain Healthy Nails:

There are absolutely no secret to anything for being healthy, but the matter of fact is that regular and timely care is the ideal road for maintaining health, and more specifically to maintain healthy nails.

Having beautiful nails, perfect body and a charming attitude are the ready-made tools to envy others. Everyone is equally gifted, and it is unto oneself to maintain these gifts for the lifetime. Therefore, following the below-given tips and visiting the nearest nail salons using the nail salons near me service shall help you maintain those healthy nails.
    Put an end to your frequent nail biting habit. It is extremely turn-off to any person as well as damages your nail manifold times.

    Make use of hand-gloves while cleaning your house or washing your dishes.

    Maintaining your nails also include the nails that of your feet. It requires double attention as they are usually hard in nature and attracts dirt and dryness quickly. Make use of clean socks while wearing shoes. Also, scrub them gently during the bath.

    Moisturizing your nails with ready-made solutions such as body cream, sunscreen cream, etc. must be applied.

    Nails can be temperature/climate sensitive. Therefore, taking care of your nails accordingly becomes quite important.

    Experts recommend to drink a lot of water and maintain a healthy diet that supplements keratin growth to maintain a glow on your nails.

    Nourishing with Almond oil overnight is known to retain the glow of your nails. 

    Regular use of nail polish shall protect your nails against wear and tear. But enough care must be taken to ensure that the polish which you are using is of the highest standard.

    Above all, complementing these steps by making use of nail salons near me service and paying a regular visit to the nearest nail salons is a must.

Things To Remember Before Selecting A Nail Salon Near Me Service
nail salons near me open now till 9pm on sunday as well

There may be several nail salons nearby you and not necessarily every nail salon near you must be the perfect. Therefore, it becomes quite important to indulge yourself in below procedure before selecting the best nail salon near me service.

#1.  Look for the affordability factor. Before visiting the nail salon, make sure to check their Service menu for price list. Typically an ideal salon will never charge hefty amount from its customers. But special services come at a high price. Therefore fix your budget accordingly before fixing an appointment with the nail salon. Alternatively, you may refer to the standard price list given in the last section of this article. The prices for various services in salons may slightly deviate from this standard list.  
#2.  After visiting the salon, make sure to observe its cleanliness and skill level of the staff silently. There is just no reason to hesitate to leave the salon if the place is not up to your standards of cleanliness and professionalism. See how they treat you as a customer for manicure pedicure.

Top Nail Salons Near Me Services In United States

While a simple search on Google or any other search engine, it shall give only the nail salons near me service. Here a collection of the top and best nail salons near me services in the whole of United States is mentioned. The chances are high that you may be located nearby to at least one or more nail salons mentioned below.  

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1. Tenoverten-
Tenverton has carved a name for itself in the Nail salon service industry. Based in New York, USA, it offers a range of services that includes manicure, pedicure deals, spa and much more. Nail art service is one of its specialties. 

Financial District
121 Fulton St
New York, NY 10038
Phone number: (212) 619-1010.

2. Nail Project
Another New York-based nail salon, Nail project offers a plethora of nail beauty related services. While other beauty services are also offered, people prefer the salon for nail beauty services. It is also a pioneer in Nail look and shape style services.

Park Slope
138 7th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone number: (917) 909-0142

3. Glorious Nail
New York seems to be a hub of best nail salons and another such salon on the list is Glorious Nai. It is famous for Nail beauty product and nail art services.

313 Avenue X
Brooklyn, NY 11223
Phone number: (929) 223-6081

4. Blue Bell Nails
Upcoming on the top nail salons near me services is a Washington, USA based nail salon- Blue Bell Nails. It is one of the most famous salons in Washington and offers a wide range of nail beauty services. The location of this saloon deserves a special mention.

700 O St NW
Washington, DC 20001
Phone number: (202) 387-9057

5. Charming Nails
Charming Nails is a Washington, USA based nail salon offering regular nail beauty and nail cleaning services. This salon is based on the European style of nail beauty and rightly deserves mention on our list of top nail salon near me.

1355 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20007
Phone Number: (202) 333-7556

6. PINKY Nail Boutique
The name says it all- PINKY Nail Boutique is a much happening nail salons in Washington, USA. Many customers have reviewed the salon positively and are much satisfied its services.

Adams Morgan
2479 18th St NW
Washington, DC 20009
Phone Number: (202) 667-4659

7. Nail salon
Another Washington based nail salon is aptly named- Nail salon. The services provided by the center is satisfying and has a set of loyal customers who regularly pay a timely visit to this salon.

Logan Circle, Downtown
1508 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20005
Phone number: (202) 299-0095

8. Akiko Nails
Moving back to New York, USA, Akiko Nails is another famous nail salon in the city. The customers have recommended its nail art service to be the best and valuable.

483 Broadway
New York, NY 10013
Phone number: (646) 972-6576

9. Ruchki da Nozhki
A nail salon so fancily named had to Ruchki da Nozhki in the New York City of United States. The services offered by this salon are plenty, and each service is valuable, positively reviewed by the customers.

Boerum Hill, Downtown Brooklyn
381 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone number: (917) 909-0481

10. Casa Polish Nail Studio
New York, USA is a hub of nail art salons, and Casa Polish Nail Studio is one such salon featuring on the list of top nail salons near me. You can choose to scrub your nails, ask for nail-art or have a general consultant service to maintain healthy nails; almost all the nail beauty services are available in this salon.

297 Wyckoff Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237
Phone number: (718) 483-8315

11. Stylish Nail & spa
Stylish Nail & Spa is a multiservice salon located in the New York City of United States. A lost have been heard from its satisfied customers about the quality and valuable services it provides. The nail center and not restricted itself only to nail beauty services but also offers other beauty services as per customer’s preference.

Park Slope
202 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone Number: (718) 722-1111

12. Lilac Spa
Simple and to the point service, Lilac Spa is one of the famous nail salons located in New York. The services offered by Lilac Spa is multiple as it does not restricts itself only to nail beauty services.

East Village
91 1st Ave
New York, NY 10003
Phone number: (646) 756-5307

13. DC nail Spa
Famously known as DC Nail Spa, it is a famous Nail salon in Washington, United States. Customers come here for consultancy regarding maintaining their nails. Apart from this, in-house services offered for nail beauty is also quite famous.

Dupont Circle
1715 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009
Phone number: (202) 629-4818

14. MIMOSA SALON Adams Morgan
MIMOSA Salon Adams Morgan has a chain of Nail salons throughout the United States. It is primarily based out of Washington and has slowly expanded out mainly because of the trust the customers have on the salon. The services offered by the salon are valuable.

Adams Morgan
2305 18th St NW
Washington, DC 20009
Phone number: (202) 290-1880

Another major chain of nail salons is BISOU that is based out of New York. It deserves mention on our list due to several positive reviews by customers.

6 Spring St
New York, NY 10012
Phone number: (347) 330-3477

16. European Wax Centre
A uniquely styled nail salon is this European wax Centre that is based in New York, United States. The service menu is quite interesting, and the customers have rated it to be of premium quality. It is quite famous for its nail art services.
Flatiron, Gramercy
289 Park Ave S
New York, NY 10010
Phone number (646) 517-8796

17. DuPont Nails & Spa
A twin of DC nail salons is DuPont Nails & Spa that offers multi-beauty services apart from nail beauty services. The multiplicity of services offered have resulted in more customers going out satisfactorily after the purchase of those services.

Dupont Circle
1718 20th St NW
Washington, DC 20009
Phone number: (202) 232-6473

18. The Gel Bar
The Gel Bar is one of the famous nail salons that have a chain of franchise-based branches throughout the United States. It offers standard nail beauty services, and the customers are quite satisfied with it.

Midtown West
11W 30th St
New York, NY 10001
Phone Number: (212) 695-5985

19. Oriental Oasis Nails and Spa
Oriental Oasis Nails and Spa is a traditional nail beauty salon. It offers traditional and ancient nail beauty services that were once the part of the East. This salon is the best and valuable place to indulge in traditional beauty services of the East.

1090 Vermont Ave NW
Washington, DC 20005
Phone number: (202) 312-5533

Alternatively, you may make use of Google Maps to use its nail salons near me service and get your nails pampered regularly.

Types Of Nail Shapes

It is important to know different types of nail shapes to take an informed and wise decision while undergoing nail art service or its like. Refer to the below-given details for knowing the different types of nail shapes.

1. Oval Nails:  One looking at an oval-shaped nail will be awestruck. To get such a shape, the nails are filed down on the sides in addition to the tips. Getting the oval curvature more complex that one may thing. Hence the help of Nail salon professionals is a must. Such a design looks amazing as it encompasses the features of Square, Rounded and Almond nail shapes.

2. Square Nails: The square shaped nails look fancy and to attain such a shape, the filing has to be on the top with straight, sharp corners.

3. Squoval Nails: The preferred nail shape is Squoval nails. Such a design is got by flattening the edges of the square. There should not be any sharp corners. Such a design looks pretty and goes well with daily-look wear.

4. Almond Nails: Almond nails are fancy to wear. They may look on certain dress type and may go flat on other dress wears. To get such a nail design, nails are filled along sides. Also, the mere filing will not suffice to attain Almond shape. Since the natural nails are weak, they need to be reinforced with gel or acrylic.

5. Lipsticks Nails: Most suited on party-wear, Lipstick nail design resembles that of an actual lipstick.

6. Round Nails: Such a design is a classic shape and is preferred by many. While our natural nails may grow in such a design, the main difference is that in a saloon made Round design, the nails with straight sides round the curve at the edges and then takes the natural shape of the fingertip.

7. Flare Nails: The most unusual design would be a Flare nail. Such a design is duckbill-shaped.

Standard Price List For Various Nail Services

As already mentioned, it is always a good practice to check the price of services beforehand. Here is a quick guide to the price list of various nail services offered in nail salons across the United States. In general, prices may slightly deviate from the below-prescribed list, but you may get a general idea of what you about pay for nail service beforehand.

Manicure / Pedicure: Prices from $10

Various types of Manicure services include:

Manicure    $25
Deluxe Manicure  $30
Buff, Shape & Polish     $15

Various types of Pedicure services include:

Pedicure      $35
Spa Pedicure        $40
Deluxe Pedicure   $45
Buff, Shape & Polish     $20
Hot Rock Massage Extra        $10
Royal Pedicure     $55

Polish nails price list: Prices starting from $30

Various types of Polish nail services include:

Take off Shellac-Gelish & Buff Shape        $15
Hands Buff & Shape Shellac   $30
Toes Buff & Shape Shellac     $35
Take off Shellac extra    $5
Add Shellac to any hand service       $10
Add Shellac to any toes service        $15

Nail design/art and artificial strengthening services: Prices starting from $15

Natural Clear       $40
Full Set French     $50
Full Set Colour     $60
Full Set White & Pink    $60
Refill Colour or French  $50
Refill (clear)          $40
Full Set Party Tips        $30
Overlay       $40
Full Set White/Clear Tips        $45
Full Set White & Pink    $55
Refill Acrylic        $35
Soak Off & Polish         $20
Full Set Gels         $50
Full Set Glitters    $55
Full Set Colour Tips      $55
Full Set Design Tips      $65
Full Set Seashell   $65
Refill Glitters Tip $50
Refill Gel    $40
Repair (ea) $5
Permanent Gloss $5
Full Set Toe Nails $60
Refill Toe Nails Gloss    $45

We hope you liked this article on best nail salons near me open now.

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